Bryn Coed Garage Your Local Approved MOT Testing Station

A Category 4 Testing Station

Garage Services

Bryncoed Garage offers our customers a comprehensive and professional range of garage services. All our work is carried out by experienced and qualified mechanics. Please see below the range of services, the list is below is not indicative of all the services we offer, if you need advice and help please telephone or email with your enquiry. Our garage service department is open from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:30 hours.

To book n appointment please contact our Service Department on 01407 810820 or email:


MOT Testing          Annual Servicing             Lighting systems          Exhaust
Transmission        Battery replacement      Ignition systems           Braking systems
Tyres                    Fuel systems                 Wheel bearings             Valeting
Gearbox                Clutch                             Cooling systems           Engine Repair
Tracking                Catalytic converters       Suspension                  Steering
Oil Service             Wheel alignment            Winter checks              Hoses and Belts

Please Note
Regular servicing of your vehicle will extend your vehicles life and enhance its performance, and in many instances will improve fuel economy. Through regular servicing and preventative maintenance simple defects are diagnosed before catastrophic events, therefore in the long term saving you time and money, and most importantly ensuring you have a happy and safe driving experience.

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